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BUYSELL INC holds one of the largest business inventories for sale in San Diego County. With this advantage, our brokers and agents already have a list of qualified cash buyers to work for in each industry whether it is restaurant, bar, night club, hotel, day spa, auto repair...

When you work with us, you are working with the most adept, knowledgeable and professional personnel in CONFIDENTTIAL BUSIENSS SALES AND MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS in California.

At BUYSELL INC, we will look out for your best interests and best way to structure and facilitate transactions successfully in a timely manner.

Here are highlights of services for Sellers


-We keep the sale of your business extremely confidential to employees, customers, suppliers, competitors...

-We do Confidential Advertising through multiple trusted internet sources and magazines. We do not disclose or give out any hints to the location or identity of the business 

-We have buyers complete the Non-Disclose-Agreement and provide financial information for our evaluation before we decide to work with them.



Our sole purpose is to broker business sales and M&A, we can help present your business in the most appealing way to maximize the asking price. We understand the key values that business buyers are looking for; we can solve problems along the way to complete the transaction in the shortest time possible. 

Our ads will never display the identity or the location of your business. All of your information will be kept confidential until we interview the buyer and after the buyer completes and signs the Non-Disclosure-Agreement. 


-Our selling team brings its own unique background, skills and experience which allow us to reach qualified, cash buyers from various cultures and markets within California and United State.

-After an extensive qualifying process, we then select buyers based on their requirements, capital available, experience, concept and so on, in order to match them with the best business that we represent. This important step helps our sellers to not waste their important time to show the business to unfit buyer(s)



 At BUYSELL INC, we have the comprehensive knowledge to create a professional, efficient profile for your business including pictures, essential business information for both first time and experienced buyers to make an informed decision about your business. The executive business profile created by our team helps shorten the process in order to facilitate the sale properly. 


-We price the business at the fair market value and inform you of the same types of businesses on the market. 

-Our evaluations are based on market reactions and the type of buyers that each industry offers. 


-Finding, qualifying, negotiating and closing the sale is time-consuming and a full-time job. Our team is here so you can continue to maintain your focus on running your business at its maximum potential. 

-When an owner tries to sell their business themselves, it will be much harder for them to keep the Confidentiality of the business as well as reach multiple qualified buyers like our team would. To have the deal close escrow requires a lot of work and problem solving along the way. We will be here for you to accomplish that goal.



-We structure the transaction properly. We respect your time and your trust

-We return calls in a timely manner and accomplish goals quickly.

-We keep you informed during the process of your business listing

-We will listen to your input. You can, at any time, hold a direct and open discussion with us about your expectations and needs

-We expect to have a close relationship with you so that we can go through all necessary steps of the transaction together to avoid any unexpected problems. 


We will prepare a fair Allocation of the Purchase price for buyer and sellers review and approval. 

It is also important that you understand just what a professional business broker can do and can not do for you.

- We sell a lot of businesses every month, we know and understand the market reaction, we know how to qualify buyers, keep the sale of your business confidential to employees, competitors to help maintain the value of your business.
- We have professional knowledge on negotiating with the landlord for transferring the lease or acquiring more options.
- We work with you closely and help you get the best price for your business. We will be there every step of the way to coordinate the sale until the transaction is successfully closed.
- We can also help the buyer in all details of the business buying process.

However, we are not magicians who can sell an overpriced business or who can put a real cash value on a business based on future potential. Potential is an important factor and negotiating tool to increase the salability of the business, but it cannot be used to determine a price. Most businesses are sellable if priced and structured properly from the beginning. You should understand that only the market place determines how much the business will sell for.

The information about the gross sales and net profit, rent, lease info or any related information of the business should always be accurate. The financial information is extremely crucial to the success of the sale. You can, at anytime, update us of any changes regarding the financial information and/or the business. 

It is important that you keep us informed and updated about your financial information since during the contingency period, buyers will have their right to verify the information you provide them. You need to make sure it is accurate so we dont waste anyone's time because the buyer can cancel the offer or re-negotiate the contract if they find a discrepancy. 

Another big question is not only how much your business will sell for, but how much of it can you keep at the end of the transaction? Besides the fees of the business brokerage, seller is responsible for half of escrow and the lease assignment fee. Any personal and/or business tax deductions are neither broker nor buyers responsibility. Please consult your CPA for this matter.


How much is your business worth?

Before you ask that question, you have to be ready to sell for what the market is willing to pay. If money is the only reason you want to sell, then you may not really be ready to sell.
Ask yourself:
-Do you really want to sell your business?
-Do you have reasonable expectations from the sale and from the buyer?
-Would you be willing to buy your business at the price that you want to sell?

Be honest with yourself when you answer these questions.

It doesnt make any difference what your accountant, banker, attorney or best friend thinks your business is worth. Only the market place can decide the value of your business. 



Lets prepare for the selling procedure of your business:

If you want to get the highest and best price for your business, these are important issues that need to be taken care of before and during the process, Remember:

Buyers want cash flow

Appearance of the business does count

Eliminate the unexpected

Important steps to take:

- Keep the business operating at its maximum potential
- Repair signs, replace outside lights, clean up the sidewalk and the inside... These factors are important since it helps give the buyer a positive first impression of the business.
-Maintain the inventory level as it is in the listing agreement.
-Remove any fixtures or equipment that is not being used or is in poor condition.

Check-list of the items you need to provide the buyer after an accepted offer

-Copy of the lease and current rent statements
-List of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
-Government licenses and permits
-Detailed Inventory estimate
-Financial statements such as yearly P&L, tax returns, daily receipts, bank statements, sale taxes
-Schedule of accounts receivable and/or payable
-Condition of Liquor license, Entertainment Permit or Franchise agreement if applicable

How long does it take to sell a business?

On average: six to eight months for most businesses. It is important that the business owner and broker can work together closely to price and structure the business properly right from the start to avoid undue complications. The time to finish the selling procedure also depends upon how you cooperate with us so we can complete the sale. 

At BUYSELL INC, we take selling your business seriously. Our brokers know that it is not just about getting the business sold, but about getting the business sold with your interests in mind. We dedicate ourselves to being, not only the best business brokers in San Diego, but the best business brokers in the industry.

Please contact us today to start the process of selling your business

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